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Excuse Me For My Choice
Ouch! So painful I had to wait a few days…
9/8/2021 - Well that was not a good football game. I knew I had two choices for my recap post: Immediate raw Expand
OK, I give up…
10/27/2020 - I’m just not going to be able to catchup on the old game watching, particularly not with Expand
Week 7 candidate games
10/14/2020 - (Yes, I know, I’m two weeks behind again on watching games… I hope to catch up later Expand
Week 5 choice – 2003 USC
10/2/2020 - Well, as much as the choice is as obvious to me as it is to Katster, I don’t feel good about Expand
Week 5 candidate games
9/29/2020 - (OK, I know I’m now two weeks behind. The goal is to watch both finish week 3’s game Expand
Week 3 choice – 2015 Texas
9/18/2020 - Well, it was as I thought, the two popular ones were 2002 Michigan State and 2015 Texas. And Expand
Week 2 choice – 2019 UW
9/12/2020 - As much as I have an affinity for the 2008 WSU game, it wasn’t a very important win. WSU was Expand
Best Game in week 1 – 2007 Tennessee
9/5/2020 - Week 1 is an easy one, at least as far as I’m concerned: I hope to watch it this afternoon Expand
End of regular season thoughts
12/3/2019 - What an up and down season, huh? Start with 4 wins and get ranked Lose 4 straight after Garbers Expand
Back for another season
9/4/2021 - I’ve been thinking over whether it is time to shutdown this blog. But, it’s not yet Expand
Week 8 candidate games
10/21/2020 - (OK, I know I’m *ridiculously* behind on watching these… 3 weeks now. But the end of Expand
Week 6 choice – 2006 Oregon
10/12/2020 - This was an easy week. 2006 was one of the most remarkable games of the last 20 years. Sorry for Expand
2020 Virtual game 4
10/1/2020 - Cal was 3-0, including a win over a ranked Washington earlier in the season. Could Cal continue to Expand
Week 4 choice – 2019 Ole Miss
9/25/2020 - I don’t like the fact that half of the games thus far are from last year, but I promise that Expand
Week 3 candidate games
9/16/2020 - As much as I enjoyed last week’s game, I have to admit it didn’t quite live up to Expand
Week 2 candidate games
9/8/2020 - Alright, week 1 is behind us. It was a great victory over Tennessee. If the team keeps playing Expand
2020 Cal football blogging plans
9/5/2020 - We find ourselves in uncharted territory… how are we to survive a Fall without Cal football? Expand
UCLA preview
12/1/2019 - Just going on record for a prediction… I don’t see tonight going well for the Expand
OSU game thoughts
11/22/2020 - Well that was… ummm… interesting. Here are my thoughts: This game was so very Expand
Week 7 choice – 2017 WSU
10/16/2020 - I had forgotten this was the smoke bowl. How can we not go with the smoke bowl?
Week 6 candidate games
10/8/2020 - (yeah, yeah, yeah… I know… I suck at being timely this year. I still haven’t Expand
2020 Virtual Game 3
9/30/2020 - The choice (as announced previous) is the 2015 Texas game. This was the height of the Sonny Dykes Expand
Week 4 candidate games
9/23/2020 - (As an FYI, I’m still working on watching the week 3 game. I didn’t manage to finish Expand
2020 Virtual Season Game 2
9/12/2020 - For week 2, we’ve chosen a recent one: last year’s (2019) UW game. For those who Expand
2020 Virtual Season Game 1
9/6/2020 - Tonight we re-watch the 2007 Tennessee game. The Bears had gone to Tennessee to start the 2006 Expand
Redbox preview
12/30/2019 - Bowl games are perhaps the hardest games to predict, with the possible exception of the first game Expand

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