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Excuse Me For My Choice
Redbox preview
12/30/2019 - Bowl games are perhaps the hardest games to predict, with the possible exception of the first game Expand
Big Game preview
11/23/2019 - I’ll state right up front that this “preview” is more of an emotional plea Expand
OSU OTRH Podcast
10/21/2019 - I was *NOT* a happy camper after the game yesterday. I was hoping that recording a podcast despite Expand
ASU OTRH Podcast
9/30/2019 - I wasn’t pleased Friday night. I was in the middle of a marathon set of commitments, Expand
Quick post Ole Miss game thoughts
9/21/2019 - It seems pretty clear at this point, by the end of this season we’ll all know whether Expand
N. Texas Preview
9/14/2019 - One of the biggest temptations after a game like last Saturday is to presume the team will always Expand
N. Texas tickets for sale
9/9/2019 - I’ve posted them over on eBay: Starting bid: $40 for a Expand
UC Davis preview
8/31/2019 - Watch out! This is not your father’s UC Davis. This isn’t even the team that beat Expand
2019 Reasons for Optimism
8/29/2019 - Another Cal season is upon us. And if you read the various Cal sites, there’s lots of Expand
End of regular season thoughts
12/3/2019 - What an up and down season, huh? Start with 4 wins and get ranked Lose 4 straight after Garbers Expand
Apparently I wasn’t as ready as I thought
11/23/2019 - I knew that what I needed was to get Cal football out of my mind to get some emotional distance. Expand
OSU prediction
10/19/2019 - Ran out of time to do a full preview. Cal offense is better against OSU, but not as good as last Expand
ASU Prediction
9/27/2019 - Sadly, I won’t have time to do a full preview post for this one. But I will say that ASU on Expand
Ole Miss halftime thoughts
9/21/2019 - Starting with the positive: Way to go Garbers! Finally throwing the ball with some authority and Expand
Free tickets to N. Texas game?
9/13/2019 - For whatever reason, nobody wants to buy my tickets. Any of my loyal readers want them for free? Expand
UW Preview
9/8/2019 - (Posting note: This was written around noon. For some reason it wasn’t posted. So, Expand
2019 game-by-game prediction
8/31/2019 - Before we get into 2019, it seems worth looking back on my 2018 pre-season predictions: N. Expand
Back for another season
8/25/2019 - Fear not Cal fans… the longest running Cal Football blog is back for another season. (Can Expand
UCLA preview
12/1/2019 - Just going on record for a prediction… I don’t see tonight going well for the Expand
USC Preview
11/16/2019 - I’m back!!! Sorry for the lack of posts the last few weeks. After the Oregon State game I Expand
Oregon Preview
10/5/2019 - Well, I need to eat some humble pie after last week’s HORRIBLY off prediction. I got just Expand
My Ole Miss replay rant
9/22/2019 - OK, it has been a while since I’ve gone full rant-mode… and this whole Expand
Ole Miss Preview
9/21/2019 - Are you ready for some football!?! Well, you’d better be ready with some starbucks… Expand
UW game thoughts
9/10/2019 - My boys were surprisingly joyful yesterday in reminding me how wrong my prediction was. I’ll Expand
UC Davis OTRH podcast
9/1/2019 - I’m going to try this year to be much more prompt in posting my On The Road Home podcasts. Expand
2019 Reasons to be concerned
8/30/2019 - It’s all well and good to focus on the positives before the season starts. God knows that Expand

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